Spa Inflatable Mspa BERGEN - 6 persons

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Featuring an elegant round design and clean lines, BERGEN offers a hint of contemporary design that blends well with a wide variety of home or garden décors. Thousands of air bubbles will help you center your mind and release tension in your muscles.



  • Charcoal grey reinforced PVC materials, 6 thicknesses, «Rhino» technology
  • Model: Bergen 6 seater
  • Size: 80'' x 28''
  • Heating capacity: 1500W
  • 110 Volts
  • Capacity: 6 places
  • Shape of the spa: round
  • Colour: Black
  • Total water volume: 930 litres
  • Jet technology: 132 Hydrojet massage system
  • 42 degree C Rapid heating system (104 degree F)
  • Silent Operating Technology
  • Energy saving timer


  • Includes lid and safety lock for children
  • Pool guarantee: 6 months
  • Electronic Warranty: 1 year
  • A manometer
  • Control screen integrated in the spa with remote control
  • An insulating floor mat
  • 2 filters

What is the best place to set up my inflatable spa

The spa should be placed on a flat, solid surface to support the weight of the water-filled spa in addition to the weight of the users.

The spa must also be close to an electrical outlet (cable length approximately 5.1 m) to connect the spa directly into the outlet without using an extension cord.

The surface should be straight to avoid too much pressure on one side of the spa, which could damage the spa early.

Does my spa need to be installed on a flat surface?

Yes, the surface should be straight to prevent water pressure on one side of the spa, which would quickly damage the spa.

How long does it take to heat the spa water?

This may vary depending on the initial temperature of the water in the spa as well as the outside temperature, but in general, it is calculated that the spa will heat the water by about 1.5 to 2°C per hour. You can make sure that the spa is well inflated and that the cover is on the spa for more efficiency.

How can I heat my spa more efficiently?

To reduce heating time, you can install the inflatable cover and cover on the spa. It’ll help keep the heat on during heating.

How often do I need to change the spa water?

The frequency of water change varies depending on the use of the spa, filtration and use of cleaning chemicals. Well-filtered and balanced water with the right maintenance products can last a whole summer. You will retain your water by covering your spa when not in use, testing and filtering the water regularly and changing the filter when needed.

What product should I use for spa maintenance?

You can use chlorine or bromine to maintain your spa. They will help you eliminate bacteria in your water. Do not use both products together. If you want to change bromine chlorine, you will need to change the water in your spa and rinse it. Read and follow the instructions given by the manufacturer of the chosen maintenance product.

Can I use an extension cord to install my spa?

For best results, you must connect the spa directly to an electrical outlet, WITHOUT the help of an extension cord.

Can I leave my spa without maintenance for several days?
If you do not use your spa for more than 2 weeks, it is advisable to empty and deflate it instead of leaving it filled with water. Put it away for next use.
If you leave for only a few days, you can leave your spa in 'Standby' mode. It is advisable to follow these two steps:

  • put the spa lid on to prevent leaves or other debris from falling into the spa
  • deflate the spa a bit to prevent the sun or heat from distorting it

Can inflatable spas be used indoors or outdoors?

Yes, MSPA inflatable spas can be installed indoors or outdoors. The majority of guests install their spa outdoors on a hard, flat surface such as their balcony, grass, etc. You can also install it in a garage, under a garden shed or an outdoor pavilion. Customers who want to install it indoors must plan well and consider ventilation and drainage.

Can inflatable spas be used in winter?
It is not suggested to keep your spa outdoors when temperatures are below 4°C.

Can my spa be set up in a place with direct sunlight?
No, do not install your hot tub in direct sunlight as this can damage the spa surface.

Is the spa noisy when it’s on?

Thanks to silent technology and the covered control box, MSPA spa is recognized as the quietest inflatable spas you can find.

What is the warranty coverage?

The warranty is 12 months after purchase for spa and electrical parts. Proof of purchase will be required.

Where is my spa serial number?

The serial number is located under the remote control and under the power/motor block of the spa.

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