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The best fat tire bikes are tough, durable, and featuremassiveamounts of tire clearance. If you look at a fat bike, it’s pretty simple. They’re usually rigid (re: they have no suspension), they have disc brakes, and they have massive tires. Those massive tires are key. A good fat bike should have mega tire clearance. They should also have extremely low gearing. It takes a lot of torque to plow through deep snow or sand, so having the option to shift into a super low gear is critical. 

For 99% of people, a fat tire bike will essentially be a winter mountain bike. For riding bikes in snow, nothing can beat a fat bike. A select few will also use them as sand bikes, too—the qualities that make a good snow mountain bike also make for a good sand bike.

Time of assembly : less than 10 minutes

Speed number : 11

Frame: 17.5 inch

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