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MSPA Inflatable Spas

The spa should be placed on a flat surface and strong enough to support the weight of the water-filled spa in addition to the weight of the users. The spa must also be close to an electrical outlet (cable length about 5.1 m) to connect the spa directly to the outlet without using an extension cord.  The surface should be straight to avoid too much pressure on one side of the spa, which could damage the spa early.

Yes, the surface should be straight to prevent pressure from one side of the spa, which would quickly damage the spa.

This may vary depending on the initial temperature of the water in the spa as well as the outside temperature, but in general, it is calculated that the spa will heat the water by about 1.5 to 2°C per hour. You can make sure the spa is well inflated and the cover is on the spa for more efficiency.

To reduce heating time, you can install the inflatable cover and cover on the spa. This will help keep the heat when heating.

Before winter, empty and deflate the spa. Clean it with a non-abrasive cleaner and rinse it thoroughly. When the spa is completely dry, store it in its original box with all the accessories. Store the spa in a dry place above 0°C.

It is recommended to rinse the filter after each use to remove debris. It filters Ideally, you should change the filter every 6 weeks. If filters are used too long, they will deteriorate and water quality will not be optimal.

The frequency of water change varies depending on spa usage, filtration and the use of cleaning chemicals. A well-filtered and well-balanced water with the right maintenance products can last a whole summer season. You’ll conserve your water by covering your spa when not in use, testing and filtering water regularly, and changing the filter when necessary.

For best results, connect the spa directly to an electrical outlet, WITHOUT an extension cord.

You can use chlorine or bromine to maintain your spa. It will help you remove bacteria from your water. Do not use both products together. If you want to change from chlorine to bromine, you will need to change your spa water and rinse it. Properly read and follow the instructions given by the manufacturer of the selected service product.

If you do not use your spa for more than 2 weeks, it is advisable to empty and deflate it instead of leaving it filled with water. Put it away for the next use.If you leave for just a few days, you can leave your spa in ‘Standby’ mode. It is advisable to follow these two steps:

- Put the spa lid on to prevent leaves or other debris from falling into the spa;
- Deflate the spa a bit to prevent the sun or heat from deforming it;

Yes, MSPA inflatable spas can be installed both indoors and outdoors. The majority of guests install their spa outdoors on a hard and flat surface such as their balcony, grass, etc. You can also install it in a garage, under a garden shed or an outdoor pavilion. Customers who want to install it indoors must plan well and consider ventilation and drainage.

It is not suggested to keep your spa outside when temperatures are below 4°C.

No, do not install your inflatable spa in direct sunlight as this can damage the spa surface.

With quiet technology and a covered control box, MSPA Spas are recognized as the quietest inflatable spas you can find.

Warranty is 12 months after purchase for spa and electrical parts. Proof of purchase will be required.

The serial number is located under the remote control and under the spa power/motor unit.