The best luxury inflatable spas in Quebec in 2022

If you are looking for a serious luxury relaxation, it is crucial that you buy the best spa for your money. Because let’s face it, this is the kind of thing you’ll only buy once. So whether you’re looking at an economical spa or a luxurious high-end inflatable spa, it’s essential that you make the right choice.

Once a luxury reserved for the ultra-rich, today you can find quality hot tubs in all shapes and sizes and for all tastes and budgets. However, it certainly pays to do your research before investing, as spas are not limited to bubbles and lights. And don’t forget the long-term costs of operating your new spa.

Below you will find our concise buying guide to keep you up to date on some of the essential information about buying spas.

MSpa is a recognized brand of spas on the market. The company boasts many patented technologies and is one of the leading manufacturers of inflatable spas and spas. In this article, we review an exclusive selection of the best inflatable spas in the MSpa range of spa products.

The best 4 seater Spa

MSpa Camaro

  • 4 built-in padded seats
  • Zipped leather style cover
  • 42 degrees C Fast heating system (104 degrees F)

It is a robust luxury inflatable spa, one of the most pleasant models to use outdoors, all year round. You can even use it during icy winters, with a few extra dollars of insulation. It is built of multiple layers of high quality laminated PVC, designed for ultra-strength and durability, it also has a synthetic leather exterior that makes it superb.

MSpa Silver Cloud B-110

  • Patented integrated control box with Touch Botton controls
  • PVC laminate 3 layers of superior quality
  • Water capacity: 184 gallons
  • 110 2 X integrated radiators: 675watts, 0.9HP
  • 42 degrees C Fast heating system (104 degrees F)

This luxurious round shaped inflatable spa can accommodate 4 adults. It has a diameter of 71 inches and contains 700Ltr/ 184gal of water. Enjoy the soothing and natural benefits of a Mspa Silver Cloud bubble spa. Whether it’s a morning revelation, a post-workout refreshment or a time of rest to reconnect with your loved ones.

Les meilleurs spa 6 places

MSPA Bergen

  • Capacity: 6 Adults
  • Water capacity: 930 litres
  • 42 degrees C Fast heating system (104 degrees F)

It is one of the most classic MSPA inflatable spas, and therefore one of the best. With an elegant round design, with clean lines and a dark outer lining. As the MSPA Bergen is such a classic design, it fits easily into a wide variety of home and garden spaces while being friendly to the existing decor.

Internally, the MSPA Bergen includes the blue metallic lining that helps create an atmospheric experience, whether you use the hot tub day or night. As a hot tub for six people, the MSPA Bergen offers plenty of space to entertain guests. With 138 jets of air, the bubble rush in this luxury inflatable spa will help calm your mind and relax after a long day.

MSpa Luxe Exotique Crocodile Skin Pattern & Gold Trim M-115S

  • 6 layer laminated pvc
  • 138 air bubble jets
  • 42 degrees C Fast heating system (104 degrees F)

The seats are quite comfortable but not removable. The massage system is also super luxurious, unlike those you usually get in an inflatable spa. It comes with 8 adjustable and very powerful air jets, just like you get in a traditional rigid hot tub. This feature alone makes this portable spa an excellent choice over other portable spas.

MSpa Lite Alpine M-009LS

  • Capacity: 6 Adults
  • Water capacity: 930 litres
  • 42 degrees C Fast heating system (104 degrees F)

This spa is built from a 6-layer reinforced PVC roofing material with metal liners that provides it with a solid structural frame when inflated. 4 people can enjoy a good dip in its hot water which is heated with an integrated heating that does not make noise. In addition to this, it has 108 bubble jets strategically placed to give a total bubble massage to your body. Unlike most spas, it is square in shape. Some people consider the square shape more comfortable to have a corner to settle in. You get more lumbar support by leaning into a corner compared to round spas. An inflatable luxury spa with a square shape also offers you more indoor space than its round counterpart to relax and stretch from corner to corner. This is ideal if you want to use your spa for water exercise or hydrotherapy.

MSpa Tekapo

  • 132 jets of sparkling air
  • Rhino Tech Anthracite Grey.
  • 6-layer reinforced PVC roofing material
  • The safety loop design connects the top cover to the floor mat
  • Self-filtration function of 4 hours to clean clean water.
  • Capacity up to 6 people and power with 110V-120V

The Mspa Tekapo has 132 jets of silent air for optimal relaxation. Air jets produce bubbles that massage and surround your body for a luxurious experience. This square-shaped spa has dimensions of 73 inches and a height of 27 inches. It has a seating capacity of 6 for swimmers. The spa is made with PVC rhino-tech exterior 6-layer black with a high-end PVC lining. It has a biased air chamber design, integrated heating and an external control system.

MSpa Lite Silver Cloud M-021LS

  • Capacity: 6 Adults
  • 42 degrees C Fast heating system (104 degrees F)
  • Water capacity: 290gal

It expands to a massive diameter of 80 inches when inflated, giving plenty of space for the legs to relax. Although huge, the inflatable spa is quite light and weighs less than 60 pounds. The Lite Silver Cloud is also made of 6-layer rhino-tech PVC and metal lining. It has 138 air jets controllable via its lightweight control panel.

Are the spas safe?

The purchase of a spa will certainly inject pleasure into your home, and as long as they are maintained properly, they should not be a source of health concern. Keeping a cleaning routine will prevent spas from becoming a preferred place for bacterial growth.

This includes checking the disinfectant level and adding chlorine at regular intervals, as well as checking the pH of the water. The manufacturer of your spa should provide you with all the necessary cleaning information, but if you have any doubts about the cleanliness of your water, take precautions and do not use it until the problem is solved.

Besides cleaning, there are practical things, like showering before each use, that you can do to limit the bacteria that enter the bathtub water. You should never enter your bathtub if you have symptoms of infection or disease, and wait until you have been asymptomatic for at least 48 hours until you do.

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