Buyer’s Guide for Remote Controlled Toys

Remote Guided Toys (TG) have grown from humble beginnings into a growing industry for children’s toys and more serious hobbyists. With such a range of options available, knowing what to buy with black Friday and Christmas approaching, is the hardest part. In this article, we discuss the different TG toys to allow you to make the best choice for you.

Nikola Tesla demonstrated a radio-controlled boat during an exhibition in 1898, where he made it appear that the boat was obeying the orders of the public, when it was in fact controlling it with a radio transmitter. The first radio-controlled device was introduced in London four years earlier, when a mirror galvanometer was moved to use a radio device. Since then, radio-controlled devices have become commonplace, not only in remote-controlled toys, but also in your car’s remote locking systems, in civilian and military unmanned vehicles, and in many other applications.

Remote controlled toys are available in a range of sizes and costs to suit any buyer. The range begins with low-budget models and extends to very detailed replicas of a wide range of vehicles. These include radio-controlled cars, planes, quadricopters, boats and even tractors for workers! Prices start at less than $20 and can reach thousands of Canadian dollars. So, whether you’re looking for a gift or seeing each other, go to Maxinn and consider buying a remote-controlled toy.


Radio-controlled models are available ready to use or as building kits that you assemble yourself. Radio-controlled toys for children are ready to work directly from the box - just enter the batteries and leave. Larger and more advanced remote-controlled models are often delivered as kits requiring construction. These remote-controlled toys simply require radio equipment, which is ideal if you want something a little more advanced but you must first reassure yourself that you have the technical skills to build one of the kits.

If you are up to the challenge of building it yourself, you will have a much better idea of how your remote model works and can choose the color of your choice. Remote-controlled models, especially cars and buggies, often have a wide range of optional upgrade parts such as more powerful engines.

At Maxinn, we offer several types of JT available in Quebec. Contact us for more details.


The electric remote-controlled models use an electric motor to provide movement, powered by a battery, while the nitro remote-controlled models use an engine powered by methanol fuel containing nitromethane. Traditionally, electric ROV vehicles have been limited by the power of their electric motors and batteries last only a short time before they need to be recharged, while the motors of the NITRO ROV models have been more powerful. However, with advances in brushless electric motors and electronic speed controllers, electric RC models rival remote-controlled NITRO models for power and speed, and lithium batteries provide more power, a longer service life and less weight than older batteries.

When the fuel tank of a remote-controlled nitro model is dry, you can simply charge it and leave, while the battery of an electric remote-controlled model will require charging. However, you can simply have spare batteries that you can swap and lithium batteries can be recharged in much less time than older types of batteries.

Due to the increased performance of electric remote-controlled vehicles and the additional complexity and clutter of a nitro engine, the electric remote-controlled version almost completely dominated the market. Safety is also a consideration. Nitro fuel is highly flammable but flames are invisible to the eye.


Construction vehicles and remote-controlled dinosaurs are by far the most popular remote-controlled models. The range of trucks, bulldozer and dinosaurs , maxinn offers a wide variety of options.

Fans of excavators, cranes and other construction vehicles looking for a step forward compared to die-cast toys with something more realistic and interactive, our toys will be perfect.


There are a number of key elements of remote controlled models.

: The radio transmitter is a portable device that broadcasts radio signals based on your inputs, which are interpreted by the receiver in your remote model. The issuer will have a number of “channels”, each of which can be used to control a different function.

: The radio receiver captures the signals broadcast by the transmitter and translates them into outputs to the components of the TG model. In order to receive the signals correctly, send from your receiver, you will need to make sure that both operate on the same radio frequency. In older systems, this is controlled by matching “crystals” inserted into the transmitter and receiver, while modern transmitters and receivers are digital, simply requiring them to be paired with each other.

Electronic Cruise Control
: Interpreting receiver signals, the electronic speed control (ESC) controls the speed and direction of the electric motor that drives the movement of a radio-controlled electric model.

: A servo provides a rotating gear movement that controls the precise movement of components of a radio-controlled model, such as direction, elevation of the barrel in a tank, the movement of the crane in a construction vehicle and many other applications.

Batteries and chargers
: All remote-controlled models require batteries for both the transmitter and the electrical components of the model itself. The electric RC models are powered by a rechargeable battery.

Electric motor or Nitro motor
: Remote-controlled electric models use an electric motor to provide movement, powered by a battery, while radio-controlled nitro models use an engine powered by a methanol fuel containing nitromethane.

What are your favorite remote control toys?

There are many remote controlled toys currently on the market. These come in different styles and prices, and offer a whole new way to interact with technology. Whether your child has an existing interest in robotics or you are simply looking for a Christmas gift or you want to enjoy Black Friday, there is a remote controlled toy that will fit perfectly!

Which remote controlled toy would your child enjoy the most? Let us know in the comments below and do not hesitate to visit us.

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