Is it possible to use your inflatable spa in winter? - Part 2

How can I close my spa for the winter?

When winter arrives, you’ll need to know how to safely close your spa ready to be packed during the cold months. The first step is to turn it off and then unplug it from the AC outlet once the heater has been turned off.

Then, remove all the water from the tub using the drain valve with a hose, taking care to empty the air blowers to make sure they are not damaged during storage. After removing the air blowers, remove the filters and put them in a cleaning solution while you clean the filter basket if your tub has one. Once the filters are cleaned, place them safely in a clean, dry place so they do not get dirty.

If your tub’s pump housing comes with drain plugs, open them. This will help you make sure that the last remaining drops of water can be drained from the tub. It is possible to dry the pump manually or use a shop vacuum to dry it faster. If your spa has jets, you should also make sure that the water is removed from them.

Finally, make sure you have thoroughly cleaned the tub. You can use a spa cleaner to do it properly. Although you can rub a bit on the sides, make sure to be gentle as you need to make sure not to damage the inside of your spa.

Once the cleaning is complete, you can deflate the spa and its lid, fold it carefully and pack it so it won’t be damaged during the winter. While this may seem like a daunting task, it is essential if you want to preserve the lifespan of your inflatable spa.

Can I use my inflatable hot tub indoors during the winter?

If you want to use your inflatable spa all year round, there is an effective solution you may want to consider. Keeping your portable spa in an outbuilding, garage or other structure can help protect it from the worst weather and make it suitable for use even during the winter months.

As long as the temperature in the area where the spa is located remains above 4 degrees, you can continue to use it, so by keeping your spa safe, you can continue to use it even in very cold weather.

While some people choose to keep their inflatable spas indoors all year round, others empty the portable bathtub they used outdoors during the summer months and, when empty, bring it indoors so it can continue to be used throughout the fall and winter.

They choose to place it in their porch, garage or other covered space. While this is certainly possible and is a great way to maximize the amount of usage you can enjoy at your inflatable spa, There are a few considerations to keep in mind before you start installing your tub inside your home.

The first consideration is water. When you go in and out of the hot tub, water will flow from your body. Although this is not a problem outside, it could potentially cause a major problem inside the house. If you have carpet, for example, you could end up with a mould or mould problem because of the moisture.

If you have hard flooring such as linoleum, laminate or wood, you may find that you need to clean the floor regularly to avoid a slip hazard.

Therefore, it is imperative to consider the type of soil you have and how you will protect it. You may want to put plastic sheeting under the bathtub itself, and then put old towels on the plastic sheeting. This will help absorb any excess water that flows out of the bathtub and will also help prevent anyone from slipping and falling into puddles that may form.

The next consideration is steam. Spas, even portable, are capable of heating up to 40 degrees. This means that steam is produced every time the bathtub is used and the lid is removed. This allows the room in which the bathtub is located to become damp – if you think it is similar to the bathroom when you take a shower or bath, you can imagine how much water vapor can be produced.

Therefore, you need to make sure that the room is properly ventilated, with windows and doors that can be opened every time you use the hot tub so that a moisture problem does not occur. No one wants to have to deal with mould because of the use of a hot tub inside the house.

The last consideration is weight. Although inflatable spas are relatively light when they are empty, as soon as they are filled with water, they become considerably heavier. Then add to that the weight of the bathers themselves and you can see that your floors will have to be strong enough to support a substantial weight, and that the load will only be distributed over a small footprint.

It is very important to ensure that you have chosen a room with a floor covering designed to support this type of weight if you plan to use your inflatable hot tub indoors. It would be wise to choose a room downstairs, and preferably a room that has a concrete floor so that you can be sure of its robustness and support.

Will it take longer to heat my spa during the winter?

Usually, a properly functioning inflatable spa will be able to increase the temperature of the water it contains between 1 and 1.5 degrees every hour. Our Inflatable Spa Mspa Camaro - 4 seats that is currently on sale can go up to 2 degrees per hour for example. In addition, you can heat your inflatable spa faster by leaving the lid in place, as heat escapes from the surface of the water when cold air blows on it.

However, if your inflatable tub is located outside, the surrounding air temperature will also be a major factor. It goes without saying that the hotter the weather outside, the faster the water in the spa will warm up.

Another factor that will have an impact on how long it will take for the water in your tub to warm up is the condition of the components, including the pump, water heater, jets and cover. All this will have an effect on how quickly the bathtub will reach the ideal temperature of the water and if some of these components are damaged or wear out, it will take longer for the water to reach the chosen temperature. If the pump has been damaged by the winter cold, it may take even longer for the water to reach the right temperature for swimming.

To summarize, can inflatable spas be used during the winter in Quebec City? Yes. If you follow our recommendations, then you will be able to enjoy it during the winter.

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