Is it possible to use your inflatable spa in winter? - Part 1

If you’re thinking about buying an inflatable spa, you may be wondering if it’s suitable for year-round use. Standard acrylic bathtubs can be used during the winter season, but can you use an inflatable spa when the weather gets cold?

In many cases, unfortunately, the answer is no. Most inflatable spas are not designed to be used in cold weather, as the vinyl material from which they are made deteriorates when temperatures drop too low. However, there are ways around this problem to allow you to use your spa in winter if you take certain measures.

Can I use my portable spa in winter?

Most bathtub manufacturers report that their products should not be used at temperatures below 4 degrees Celsius, given that temperatures in Quebec in recent days have fluctuated in 2 and -23 degrees, it makes sense not to use your inflatable spa until spring returns.

You should keep in mind however that the major problem that can occur if you use your inflatable spa during the winter is that, the pump motor mechanism may fail.

Not only that, but most inflatable spas that are sold nowadays have a single engine unit that runs all the functions of the bathtub. This means that the fan that inflates the spa is also the fan that powers all the bubbles through the air jets. It is also responsible for heating the water and its circulation in the system.

In most units, the pump cannot operate when the air jets expel the bubbles, and vice versa. In winter, if you remove the spa cover, the water cools very quickly and with this type of all-in-one fan, it is impossible to operate the water heater and air jets simultaneously. This means you can run the bubbles, but the water will soon start to cool, leaving the spa like a hot bath, not a real hot tub.

This is particularly problematic because the air the fan blows into the water to make the bubbles is taken directly from the outside air. If the ambient air temperature is low, cold air blown through the water will cause the water temperature to drop rapidly.

Although the water inside your spa should stay warm as long as the spa is covered, you should be very careful if you continue to use it outdoors at very low temperatures. If the water freezes, this could be a major problem as it could lead to a pump failure that is difficult to repair.

This could also cause the vinyl material from which the spa is made to deteriorate and damage itself, thus becoming more prone to tears and leaks. In addition, if you use the spa at temperatures below the recommended level and a problem occurs, you will not be covered by the bathtub warranty.

Is it necessary to empty an inflatable spa during the winter?

If you’re not going to use your inflatable spa during the coldest months, should you empty it and pack it until spring comes back one more time? The answer is usually yes, you should empty your inflatable spa and pack it properly so that it can stay safe during the winter.

Of course, if the water inside your spa is already frozen, you’ll probably have trouble draining it. Although the water may be frozen on top, it will probably still be liquid below, so while it may be difficult to drain the water, it will not be impossible. It is important to know that ice could damage the interior walls of the tub while it is being emptied. It is therefore logical to empty the spa water when it is not frozen.

Although it is technically possible to leave an inflatable spa empty of water during the winter months, it is always best to pack it so that it is protected from any potential damage. Once it does not contain water, it will be light and easy to move. This means that if you leave it outdoors and empty in the winter, it will be blown and not only will it be irritating, but it could also be accidentally blown by the wind over something sharp that could cause a puncture.

To avoid this possibility, you must put it back, with all its components and accessories, in its box and store it safely.

On the other hand, if you keep your spa in a space that covers it on the top and on all sides, you may be able to leave it inflated during the winter months safely, ready to be filled whenever you want.

We will see you next month for the rest of our article!
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