How to choose your Aqua Marina paddle board?

How to choose an inflatable paddle board

You’ve been wanting to buy a paddleboard for a while, but you realize there are several criteria. We have prepared a small guide to help you in your choice according to your needs.

Length of the board

The longer the board, the faster it will be. However, it will be a little more difficult to maneuver. Conversely, the shorter it is, the easier it will be to handle, but will slide less on the water.

Width of th board

The width of a paddle board has an impact on the stability of the board.
The wider the board, the more difficult it will be to overturn it, thus more stable. A narrow board will be less stable, but also faster.

Thickness of the board

The thickness of the board affects the flotation of the board. A thick board can be used in shallow, rocky water because it will have less chance of rubbing the bottom of the stream. Thick boards also support more weight than thin boards, but it will be less maneuverable and longer to inflate.

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